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Prizes can include inexpensive school supplies, such as pens, pencils, and erasers. When students demonstrate the targeted behaviors, hand out tickets.

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Use tickets to reinforce targeted behaviors and decrease unwanted behaviors. Tickets can also be used as a prize for winning classroom games. For example, the group who gets the most points during the test review game will earn five tickets for each group member. When students receive a ticket, they put their name on the back. They can either return it to the teacher or keep it until the classroom raffle is held.

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If the teacher collects the tickets, they should be stored in a safe, secure place until time for the drawing see visual. Keep a separate storage container for individual classes. When the predetermined time interval is complete, draw a ticket from the ticket jar or whatever container was used to hold tickets. The student whose name is on the ticket wins the drawing and may pick a prize from the Prize Box.

More than one ticket can be drawn in order to have multiple winners each time. Empty the storage container after the drawing to start over.

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This reward system can be used throughout the entire school year. It should be explained at the beginning of use so that students fully understand how they can earn tickets and what the tickets will be used for.

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It is important that the teacher keeps up with the system and frequently hands out tickets. If it is not implemented consistently, students will lose interest in the system. Be aware that this system puts more responsibility on students, as they have to collect and keep up with their own tickets, so it is recommended for upper elementary and secondary school.

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Tickets can be awarded to the entire class, rather than to individual students. Print This Tool. Tickets Reward System This motivation system is used to reward individual students. My Notes If you register with our site, you can create your personal notes for each tool.

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We regularly post behavior charts and other useful behavioral tools to our followers. If you have any ideas on new charts that you would like to see us offer, then please send us a note. We would love to hear from you! Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email 2 shares. Classroom Reward Coupons Introduction Your students will love earning these printable reward coupons when they reach their goals. Selecting Reward Coupons for your Students Reward coupons are so much fun!